Import new locations to your Osclass installation.

Downloading the .SQL file

  1. Visit our Osclass location repository.

  2. Pick your country and click on it.

  3. Press "Raw".

  4. Right-click and click "Save as".

  5. Save as file-name.SQL.

Save the file in SQL format, ".sql", not in a ".txt" format.

Importing the .SQL file

  1. Visit our yoursite.com/oc-admin/index.php?page=tools&action=import

  2. Select your .SQL location file.

  3. Import it.

In case you get an error, you probably need to increase your max_execution_time. Check the section below.

Increasing max_execution_time.

In case you get a fatal or timeout error, you probably need to increase your max_execution_time in php.ini.

This process is varies from hosting to hosting, but generally you want to open cPanel, go to php.ini editor and change max_execution_time to 0.

After you finish, put your max_execution_time to how it was before, usually 30 or 60.